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2011 Dive Season 

2011 Events

20th November 2011 - The Pentyrch
6 divers left the Marina for The Pentyrch, the weather was kinder and all had a good dive. Visability was good, and there was plenty of life on the wreck.
Probably the last boat dive this season. 

17th November 2011 - The Steam Trawler
A group of 4 left Brighton Marina hoping to dive the Pentyrch, only 2 managed a dive. The visability and conditions once again got the better of them on the day, not really surprising for November.

27th October 2011 - Dry Dive
For full details and pictures of this amazing experience see Dry Dive page

21st - 23rd October - Swanage Weekend
Sadly the weather got the better of our diving plans for this weekend. Although bright and sunny, the wind was fierce blowing South South East/Easterly straight  into Swanage Bay. Most of the boats moored there were taken around to Pool Harbour for shelter.
However, not to be put off, our group asked Divers Down if it were possible to cross the bay to dive on the "Fleur". Ten divers and a passenger jumped aboard their brand new boat "Spike" and headed off. Frankly it made the day, what a Boat! and the skipper was pretty good also.
The visability was not up to much, some stayed on the wreck, others decided to do the wreck followed by a drift, all were down approximately 40 minutes. Everyone agreed that the whole experience had been worth it. The two Ocean Divers also did extremely well. For one it was only her second dive from a boat. She should feel proud, in those conditions.

The evening was spent in the Red Lion where 18 of us enjoyed a good meal and hospitality, and lively discussion.!!!!!!!!


Next year we may consider booking a Hardboat for this end of season event !!

11th - 18th September 2011 - Red Sea "Get Wrecked" 7 Day Live Aboard
                          What more can anyone write about diving in the Red Sea?

Mistral & Whirlwind

This trip enjoyed by 11 members of Croy-Tech proved to be superb, amazing, magical, exciting, tiring, enjoyable etc. etc. I could go on and on, but the collection of surface and underwater photographs will give a flavour of our holiday.
The photograph above is of 2 of the Liveaboard boats in the Tornado Fleet, Mistral on the left and her sister boat Whirlwind on the right.
We were aboard "Mistral" this was an extremely comfortable boat, and the whole crew including Captain Hamad, could not do enough for us. The boat was maintained to a very high standard, the chef was brilliant and the guides both experienced and very knowledgable. All of this made for a fabulous holiday.

Surface Photographs

Dive Platform of Mistral
Kit Up Area
Anchoring on Dive Site
Dive Schedule Day 4
Relaxing at Sunrise
Gubal Island in the Red Sea

Underwater Photographs

Lounge Deck 1 & Twin Zodiacs
Kitting Up
Some of the Crew
Dive Schedule Last Day
Returning from Dive Site in Zodiac
One of Many Beautiful Sunsets

The usual dive sites were on the itinerary, but for a very detailed account of our safari, please read John Kean's blog, follow the link below. Go to the entry dated Friday 23rd September.

John was onboard as a guest guide, he is an expert on The Thistlegorm and the author of "SS Thistlegotm". this is "The True Story of The Red Sea's Greatest Ship Wreck".

5th September 2011 - Photographic Talk by Maria Munn

The Gremlins seemed to be at work this evening, first of all the electrics in our club lecture room appeared to have been on the blink!, then dear Maria got caught in major traffic on the M25. Her journey from Yorkshire took her some 9 1/2 hours. 
Approximately 1 hour late, it was all systems go, and we all enjoyed her talk and her splendid pictures and how they were achieved. Please visit her website, for further information, follow the link on our News Flash page, You will be amazed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A collection box was handed round for donations to the RNLI, and a Raffle also took place, a percentage of the receipts will also be donated to the RNLI..

21st August 2011 - Pentyrch & Drift Dive
Our most recently qualified Ocean Diver took to the waters with a very experienced member, and a dry Cox. Two dives took place, on what was a very pleasant Sunday. The visability was good, and the conditions ideal for the inexperienced member. 

14th August 2011 - The Pentyrch & Drift Dive
With many members currently on holiday, and some with ear infections, only 2 Divers and a Dry Cox left Brighton on Croy-Tech 11 on a beautiful sunny and calm Sunday.
A rare event this summer!

Both of the Divers enjoyed a very relaxing environment with only 3 in Croy-Tech 11, a luxury indeed.

Dive details as follows:-

The Pentyrch -
Dive time of 41 minutes, Maximum Depth 19.9 metres. The visability was good.

Drift Dive -
Dive time of 30 minutes, Maximum Depth 12.4 metres.

31st July 2011 - Steam Trawler
5 Divers left Brighton Marina for The Steam Trawler. One pair of divers had a dive of 45 minutes and maximum depth of 24 metres, and the other divers (a threesome) achieved dives of 36 minutes with maximum depths of 24 metres. The visability was very good, some 5-6 metres. The sea temperature was 15 degrees.

23rd July 2011 - Steam Trawler & Brighton Reef
4 Divers plus Dry Cox left Brighton for a dive on the Steam Trawler. Only 3 decided to dive. They achieved 20 metres for 30 minutes, the visability was fairly good at about 3 metres, considering the previous weeks weather. It was one members first dive from the Rib, and he was supervised by a very experienced diver from the club, who also explained the tasks required to make the boat ready for the voyage, and all associated aspects of diving from a Rib.
The 2nd dive of the day was made on Brighton Reef. maximum depth 12 metres, dive time 52 minutes, visability not so good 1 to 3 metres. Everyone enjoyed the day, the weather was good, very calm seas.

18th July 2011 - Photo & Video Presentation on clubs recent trip to The Farnes
Members and Guests are welcome for this presentation to be given by Daniel Golberg (Chair). Photographs and videos submitted by members who enjoyed this recent event. - Lecture Room 7.45pm for 8pm

9th July 2011 - Club Annual Barbeque
This annual event is always popular, and was supported by more than 24 members and their famlies. The food was excellent, and our thanks to Ashley and Ann for hosting the BBQ, and also Paul Hawkins Chief Chef. The weather stayed bright and sunny into the evening, and most enjoyed a game or two of "Black Jack", the overall winner was Ron Mason, one of our remote members.
The usual Raffle, will take place over the next few weeks, there are several prizes to be won!


26th June -30th June 2011 - Farne Islands Dive Holiday
A group of 15 members and partners enjoyed a great time in this very popular location. The weather was very kind to us as the pictures will show. 
Dive details see below. Visability on all days was on average 4 metres, but sometimes much more



27th am

27th pm

28th am

28th pm

29th am

29th pm

30th am

30th pm

Dive Site


The Hopper

Sth Longstone

The Hopper

Far Longstone

The Pinnacles

The Britannia

The Hopper










Sea Temp

11 deg.

11 deg.

11 deg.

11 deg.

11 degs.

11 degs.

11 degs.

11 degs.

Dive Time

33-56 mins

26-39 mins

43-49 mins

40-43 mins

36-52 mins

40-50 mins

40-54 mins

50-60 mins

Maximum Depth

21 - 24.8 Metres

14 -   23 Metres

18.-20.7 Metres

 14- 23  Metres

21.9 - 27 Metres

22 - 24.7 Metres

26 - 27.2 Metres

14   - 23 Metres




11th June 2011 - Holborough Lake
9 club members including a trainee took the plunge in Holborough. The weather was overcast and calm. Water temperature 16 degrees. Visability 1-3 metres.
The club training officer Denis Quigley was Marshal and Paul Hawkins deputy. There were 4 sets of divers on the first dive, and 3 sets on the second dive. Dive depths ranged from 8.5 metres to 10.6 metres, and dive times 24 to 46 minutes. The diver qualifications ranged from Trainee to Dive Leader.

Richard Hoyle the trainee sucessfully completed his first Open Water Dive and experienced a few bouyancy problems. Due to the numbers of divers in the water, the visability became quite poor, and at times they were completely blind, and had to pull themselves to clearer water with the use of ropes. Richard was said to have shown great calm and admitted that it had not been what he had expected. Richard returned to the water for his second dive with Denis (Training Officer) and executed some skills and also had improved buoyancy.

29th  May 2011- Training Officers Report: So far this season:

We’re running a program to encourage completion of the Dive Leaders Course for our more experienced Sports Divers. The full Lecture series has been delivered and we are now working to complete Open Water requirements. A very successful session on casualty rescue was run on the 15th of May. One diver has now completed all requirements for Dive Leader and five others are expected to complete over the next few months. This raises the capability of the club to provide a wider range of dives and to provide support for new divers.
We ran a Nitrox workshop with six persons being certified. This training is part of our commitment to safe diving and ensuring that all divers are being kept up to date with the best techniques.
We have just completed an Ocean Diver lecture series for five new divers who will shortly begin their Open Water Training.
We have six further Ocean Diver trainees who completed their Pool training last season and are now looking to begin their Open Water training, three of whom had their first Open Water experience at Holborough on Saturday the 28th of May, and one who had his first open water experience at Bucklands on Monday the 23rd of May.
We have one diver in training for Sports Diver qualification.
·         We will be running a Sports Diver course, the follow on to Ocean Diver, later this summer and currently have three candidates.

Training Officer!

28th May 2011 - Holborough Lake
Colin Brown acted as Dive Manager for the day with Neil Hucks sharing the Dive Marshalling responsibilities. Initially there were 4 diving ,but this had increased to 8 on the day. A fairly new trainee came along to spectate, and by his own admission learnt a lot just watching. 
A lesson in Delayed Surface Marker Buoy deployment was given, and some divers took the opportunity to practice their twin-set procedures in readiness for the forthcoming Club Diving Holiday to the Farne Islands. 
Most attendees managed to get 2 dives in. 
The Dive Manager and the non diving trainee went off to check out some new diving equipment at a local dive shop.
Paul Feakes practiced some skills required for his forthcoming Practical Instructors Examination.
The conditions were fair and sunny, although slightly breezy. Water temperature was 17 degrees. Visability1-3 metres. Lots of fish: small perch and the odd pike.
Training continued under the leadership of Denis Quigley our Training Officer,3 trainees experienced their first Open Water Dives, this followed another trainee having a first Open Water Dive on Monday


24th April 2011 - City of London
2 Divers and a Dry Cox visited the City of London. The weather was calm, bright and warm. Sea state smooth, water temp. 14 degrees. They enjoyed a 33 minute dive and reached a maximum depth of 25 metres, visability 2-3 metres.

18th April 2011 - "7 Try Dives"
A very busy night at the pool. We had seven Try Dives to get organised. Thanks to all those concerned, the evening was a success, 5 of the Try Dives were from the Shirley Air Cadets, the others were a local couple. After a brief lecture in the classroom, and getting kitted up, a pool session of approximately 45 minutes followed. All successfully completed their "Try Dives" and were duly presented with a certificate. We do hope they all enjoyed the evening, and who knows they may wish to join us at Croy-Tech!

17th April 2011 - The Indiana
This the second rib dive of the season, only 3 divers took part. 2 of the divers had 2 dives, and 1 had only 1 dive.. The conditions were Good, the visability was described as "Gin" clear. The sea state was smooth, wind NE force 2 or less. 

4th April 2011 - Nitrox Course
To satisfy various club members and a diver from outside of Croy-Tech, we asked the BSAC Area Coach to do a Nitrox Course. This was carried out at the pool, and a few members took the test afterwards.

2nd April 2011 - Quiz Night
The Quiz Night was hosted by Daniel & Bernice, with Alec the Quizmaster aided and abetted by Dave Lee. Our thanks go to all of these. There were 4 teams in all, 2 of 3 and 2 of 4. Everyone enjoyed the evening, and after several rounds one team came out as clear winners, each member received a £5.00 token. During the short break, refreshments were served lots of homemade goodies!.

20th March 2011 - City of London
4 Divers from the club went out on this the first rib dive of the season. The weather was good, visability fair, sea state smooth.

29th January 2011 - Seasonal Meal
A total of 26 members and friends attended the Annual Seasonal Meal at the Coombe Lodge. A very sociable evening was had by all. A Raffle took place (thanks to all those who donated gifts and supported the Raffle) and there were many winners including a chap called 'Charles' who was out to celebrate his birthday with another group. He bought some tickets and won! he was delighted.




1st January 2011 - Leybourne Lake - ICE BREAKING DIVE
Six misguided members braved the freezing temperatures on New Years Day to continue the club tradition of "Getting Wet" on the first day of the new dive season.
The air temperature was zero, so the water temperature of 3 degrees appeared warm! I cannot give details of the dives as they were in the water less than 15 minutes. Ropes and ice picks were used, the ice in places was 1 inch thick. The local wildlife looked on in some amazement, so to the nearby residents walking their dogs.
Our group seemed positively overdressed for the occassion, when along came three "cold water" swimmers who stripped off down to swimsuits and jumped in for a 200 yard swim. Very impressive!
The event ended with Mince Pies, Mulled Wine and an "Ice Breaking" Certificate.


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