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19th & 26th November 2012 - Combined Cadet Forces "Try Dives"


On Monday 19th November and Monday 26th November we hosted 2 groups from the       Combined Cadet Force based at Rutlish School, Merton Park.

Organised by Major Bob Penny, Contingent Commander, the first group was attended by 5 cadets the second group was attended by 7 cadets. On both occassions, the groups were escorted by Squadron Leader Jeremy Schomberg himself an experienced diver.

Each session started with Daniel Golberg (Chair) giving an overview of the British Sub-Aqua Club our Governing Organisation, and an in-depth explanation of the sub-aqua equipment. The cadets then buddied up 2 cadets to 1 instructor and spent 50 minutes in the pool using the sub-aqua equipment, and going through the basic techniques of sub-aqua swimming.

On completing the session each cadet was given a BSAC "Try Dive" Certificate and some literature including a copy of the BSAC DVD. From the feedback, I understand that all participants really enjoyed this slightly different activity.

We hope to host more cadets in the future.


Official Launch of Croy-Tech 3


11th November 2012 - Official Launch of Croy-Tech 3

Well how lucky we were for our Offical Launch of Croy-Tech 3. A very bright sunny day once again. Unfortunately this event was not attended by several club members due to prior arrangements relating to Rememberance Day. However, the old faithfull did manage to attend. Daniel set up a very nice cocktail bar: Marina del Sol on the pontoon, and we enjoyed a few drinks and nibbles whilst preparing Croy-Tech 3 for the launch and further sea trials.


Once the cover was off and stowed away, Ashley, Nigel & Ray prepared for the voyage.

The naming ceremony then took place, with Daniel saying the appropriate words, we all drank a toast to her. Mark and his 2 girls got fitted out with life jackets and climbed aboard.



The first wave gently left the Marina and enjoyed the wide open sea, which was very calm. After going along to Brighton Pier, they returned about 1 hour later.

More pictures to follow soon.



26th - 28th October 2012 - Swanage Weekend
A group of 7 divers, several other members and some friends and relations, enjoyed a varied weekend in Swanage once again. The weather on the Saturday was very bright and sunny, but unfortunately, far too windy 7's & 8's I believe, and Divers Down had no choice but to call it off. They said Sunday may be possible.

Not to be put off for the whole weekend, and having been to the pier to see for ourselves the weather conditions,  some of us decided to have a trip on the Swanage Steam Railway to Corfe Castle.What an enjoyable trip that turned out to be. The views from the top of the castle were amazing, with the clear sky and brilliant sunshine.

In the evening some remote members joined us for a meal and a catch-up on past years events, 16 sat down for the meal.
On contacting Divers Down that evening, we found that the 2 dives planned for Sunday would take place.

The weather was quite poor, grey,damp, overcast but the wind had dropped to about a 4.

The first dive at 11am - Drift Dive on Old Harry Rock, sea temp. was 14 degrees, much warmer than on the pier!
During this dive, Daniel (chair) did a Litter Pick for BSAC, but only managed a thin piece of rubber. Well I suppose that is a good sign that the waters around Swanage are fairly unpolluted!

The second dive at 2.20pm was to the Betsy Anna, a wreck that none in the group had previously dived. Details of the dive are a little sketchy at present, but they all enjoyed the dive, and would do it again in more favourable conditions.

Most of our group left the pier by 4.30, some to travel back home, 8 of us stayed an extra night, and enjoyed a very nice meal at the Black Swan.


14th October 2012

The long awaited launch of Croy-Tech 3 took place at Shoreham, the weather conditions were perfect, bright, sunny and flat calm. The launch went according to plan, all 4 of the members assisting with the launch took turns in driving Croy-Tech 3 towards her home in Brighton Marina.


Once in the Marina two more of us joined in and we all went off for the first of the sea trials. It will take a little running in before she is ready for diving activities.


3rd - 10th September 2012 - Malta Dive Holiday

Our second trip to Malta in 3 years, what a great success !
We arrived an hour late due to a torrential storm in Malta during the morning of the 3rd. When we arrived, the airport was like a lake, and it was a tricky landing. The landscape looked like paddy fields with all of the surface water laying in huge puddles. However, the following morning the sun was up early and the whole week was clear, sunny, a little light breeze, and very hot, 29 to 32 degrees C.

Tuesday 4th September
The divers were collected from the Hotel by Antonio (Maltaqua), and after a period sorting out kit etc., they were off for the first dives to Cirkewwa.

Dive 1: Cirkewwa South Reef                    
Depth 22m  DiveTime 60 mins.   Guide Antonio Anastasi

Dive 2: Cirkewwa Arch                              
Depth 21m  DiveTime 55 mins.   Guide Antonio Anastasi

Wednesday 5th September

Dive 1: Um El Faroud - Wied iz-Zurrieq              
Depth 27m  DiveTime 40 mins.   Guide Erwin Schurink

The following 6 photographs were taken by Paul Feakes on the 1st dive of the day.


Dive 2: Um El Faroud
Depth 25m   DiveTime 55 mins.       Guide Erwin Schurink

The following 6 photographs were taken by Paul Feakes on the 2nd dive of the day.


Thursday 6th September  

Dive 1:     Coral Cave - Gozo
Depth 28m    DiveTime 55 mins.    Guide Antonio Anastasi

The following 8 photographs were taken by Paul Feakes on the 1st Dive of the day.


Dive 2 : Mgarr ix- ixini - Gozo

Depth 11m     DiveTime 63 mins.      Guide Antonio Anastasi

The following 3 photographs were taken by Paul Feakes on the 2nd Dive of the day.


Friday 7th September

Dive 1:  Irqieqa Point - Comino

Depth 29m  DiveTime 60 mins.  Guide Antonio Anastasi

The following 3 photographs were taken by Paul Feakes on the 1st Dive of the day.


Dive 2: P31 - Comino

Depth 21m   DiveTime 57 mins.   Guide Antonio Anastasi

The following 7 photographs were taken by Paul Feakes on the 2nd Dive of the day.


Saturday 8th September

Dive 1:     P29 Cirkewwa

Depth 33m    DiveTime 49 mins.   Guide Antonio Anastasi

The following 3 photographs were taken by Paul Feakes on the 1st Dive of the day


Dive 2:  Rozi - Cirkewwa

Depth 33m   DiveTime 63 mins.    Guide Antonio Anastasi

The following 4 photographs were taken by Paul Feakes on the 2nd Dive of the day



27th July 2012  - City of Waterford
We dived the City of Waterford from Newhaven Scuba's RHIB. a good dive with decent visibility.
On 14 April, 1949, the City of Waterford was heading from Antwerp to Cork with 1000 tons of general cargo when she ran into thick fog about 12 miles west of Beachy Head.

Unfortunately, in that same fog bank but going the other way was a much bigger ship, the Marpessa, a 5500 ton Greek steamer. After the collision, the City of Waterford took very little time to sink, but her crew were all picked up safely.


21st July 2012 – Lancer 11 Out of Newhaven 

On Friday 21st July a group of 8 divers dived the wreck of the Lancer II from Newhaven SCUBA's RHIB Top Knots.  Details of the wreck are: Lancer II

Sank 3.2 miles southwest of Newhaven on 18 July 1918
50º 44’ 10”N
000º 01’ 09”E

The ship
Built in 1914 by Smiths Dock Co of Hull, the Lancer II was originally a steel fishing trawler. The three-cylinder triple-expansion engine produced 65hp using a single boiler.
The Lancer II was owned by the Royal Navy and equipped with one 6lb gun.

It was 2.20am when the yacht HM Vagrant sailing without lights, ran into the Lancer II. The impact made a hole in the Lancer and she immediately started to take in water. The Vagrant made a vain attempt to tow her, but the Lancer’s fate was sealed.
Although the vis could have been better the dive was excellent and the wreck was teaming with life. Clouds of pouting populated the interior and light filtered through the large openings in the wreck. Conditions were not ideal for photography (feeble excuse) but photos allegedly shown fish inside the wreck, a tompot blenny and a lobster.

25th June - 28th June 2012 - Farne Islands

Who said seals are cuddly?


DateDive Site Maximum DepthTime

25th June – AM Little Harker12 Metres50 Minutes
25th June – PM Harker Rock8.2 Metres45 Minutes
26th June – AM St Andre24 Metres45 Minutes
26th June – PM North Side of Big Harker14 Metres50 Minutes
27th June – AM Somali29 Metres40 Minutes
27th June – PM Northern Hares 7 Metres50 Minutes
28th June – AM The Hopper19 Metres50 Minutes
28th June – PM Big Harker13 Metres35 Minutes

The Sea Temperature was on average 12 degrees over the four day period, and the condictions were variable. Most sunny and calm, a little overcast on the Wednesday and misty on the Thursday.
Photographs thanks to Paul Feakes, Dave Stacey and Shirley Painter.




8th, 9th & 10th June 2012 - Basking in Cornwall

A group of us , Daniel, Paul,  Neil,  Dave C, Dave S, Teresa and Richard went to Cornwall over the weekend of 8th, 9th & 10th June.

We’d intended to snorkel with Basking Sharks on Friday and dive for the remainder of the weekend. Unfortunately, our plans were scuppered somewhat by the weather and snorkelling with the sharks was postponed until Monday. This meant that some of us had to get back and could not swim with the sharks.
The weekend’s diving consisted of the following dives:
Alice Marie at 26 metres - wreck
Low Lee Reef at 16 metres -  natural reef with nature trail and assorted wrecks
Lincoln at 30 metres - wreck
Alice Marie at 26 metres – wreck  2nd visit.
All were teaming with life, especially the reef. Dave S and Richard managed to see quite a rare John Dory. The visability  on all these dives was far better than we generally get on the South Coast near Brighton, and the group are keen to dive there again, soon. We had up to 10m on the Lincoln, a large spread out wreck with many fish and eels.
The  snorkel trip with the Basking Sharks was a fantastic day out for all concerned and it was a magical experience swimming with these majestic beasts.
Our host for the trip was BSAC Royalty, Charles (Charlie) Hood.
We managed to photograph two sharks, a juvenile and a large, mature creature over a period of about 7 hours.
We may be planning to go back in September for another encounter!


Winter Diving 2012
A very brave (or possibly stupid!) group of divers from Croy-Tech (+ the odd guest) have been out throughout the winter and enjoyed some merorable diving (mainly for all the right reasons!)

7th April 2012 - Outer Mullberry, Selsey 
We were booked in with Southern Coast Charters to dive the Outer Mullberry, departing from East Beach Car Park at Selsey..... Conditions were ideal, with lovely flat calm sea. Ray, Clive, Richard, Denis and Paul enjoyed an excellent dive, with very good visability (5 meters in places). As always the site was teaming with sea life, including all the usual Bib, Wrasse, in abundance. Average dive time was 50 minutes and the temperature 11 degrees.

4th April 2012 - Night Dive Holborough Lake
5 Divers met at 17.30 for a night dive at Holborough. An excellent dive was enjoyed by all with stunning visability........ Seeing divers approach in the distance - possibly 20 meters away, with "light sabres" made quite a spectacle. An abundance of wildlife could be seen, including many Pike and Perch. Certainly a dive not to be missed in future.

17th March 2012 - Holborough Lake
5 Divers averaged 2 45 minute dives at 7 degrees.

14th March 2012 - Holborough Lake 
4 Divers averaged 2 30 minute dives at 7 degrees

11th March 2012 - Holborough Lake 5 Divers "enjoyed" 2 dives, averaging 50 minutes in the 6 degree water. Hoever, viz was excellent, as we have become used to at this site.

17th February 2012 - Stoney Cove, Leicestershire
7 Divers from Croy-Tech travelled up to Stoney Cove. Very good visability and water temperature was 7 degrees. A great days diving and an introduction to the popular inland site for Anthony, Jo and Shanie Martin. Average dive times were 45 minutes, maximum depth 22 meters.

11th February 2012 - Holborough Lake
3 Divers - a very chilly 4 degrees, average dive times of 20 minutes.

15th January 2012 - Holborough Lake
4 Divers Average Dive time 50 minutes

14th January 2012 - Holborough Lake

7 Divers Average dive time 40 minutes

Winner of our Competition  "Guess the Weight" of the Replica Diving Helmet 


Prize full sized Replica Diving Helmet

Guess the Weight of the Helmet - for £1.00 a try
Winner notified 16th April 

The Replica Diving Helmet was weighed on Monday 16th April, at our regular Monday evening Club meeting,
by Daniel Golberg, Chair of Croy-Tech.

A set of Digital Engineering Scales were kindly loaned to us for the event,  
by James of Amphibian Sports, West Norwood.

The Helmet "Weighed In" at exactly 8Kgs

There were 4 entrants who had recorded exactly 8 kgs.
The names were placed into the helmet and the Chair picked out a lucky winner.

James from Guildford, in Surrey was the Winner
The Replica Diving Helmet is to be delivered to him on Saturday morning.

Once again Croy-Tech wishes to thank all those who took part in our competition.
With your help, we managed to raise a total of £402 towards our new club rib.


31st March - 1st April 2012 London International Dive Show - Excel
Several members of the club assisted Daniel, Bernice and Shirley in the BSAC "Pod" on both days of the LIDS at Excel, over this weekend.

We would like to thank those who gave their time and effort to help make this a sucessful weekend.

The "Guess the Weight" of the Replica Dive Helmet Competition proved to be a great attraction to our "Pod", and enabled us to make some new friends and gain possible new members. The competition will help to raise valuable funds needed to upgrade our existing boat, trailer and engine Croy-Tech 11.

We have recently secured a grant of £10,000 from Sport England to help us achieve our goal.


4th February 2012 - Club Seasonal Meal 
A total of 28 member's, family & friends enjoyed this popular social event at the Coombe Lodge. The food was good and the traditional raffle a sucess. A few people had to cancel due to the poor weather conditions, and many had interesting stories to tell about their journeys home that evening.



28th January 2012 - Alaunia


A group of four of us got a hideously early start to be in Eastbourne's Sovereign Harbour Marina for around 06.30. We'd booked onto Mike Kean's boat to dive on the Alaunia at low water slack.
After some shilly-shallying around Asda's car park, trying to find where exactly we were supposed to be, we managed to find each other and the boat a little before the 07.00 appointed hour.
It was still not quite dawn when we cast off, but the atmosphere on the boat was buzzing as we all sorted out our kit and settled down. We joined another group of divers from Nekton Sub Aqua in Bromley, making a total of twelve for the trip. The Nekton gang were all very welcoming and VERY generous with food!.
We were under way in about ten minutes and the two hour or so trip to the Alaunia seemed to pass very quickly. It was, when it came,a bright and crisp morning, and the sea was reasonably calm.The air temperature must have been around 0 deg C so we were all pretty glad to have our dry suits on even though the boat had ample shelter and was very comfortable.
Initially, the dive was supposed to be on the Rushing Water (a not very well documented wreck sitting at around 32m which only seems to be written up here: but the visibility in store was apparently very poor so we pressed on to the Alaunia. The Alaunia is said to be the biggest wreck in Sussex waters, sitting on the sand at around 36m. She was a13,405 ton Cunard liner built in steel in 1913.She was sunk by a German mine in 1916.
Our dive started at around 09.20, and we got to a max depth of around 26m. The visiability was about 3m, which wasn't bad, but the light was very poor and torches were needed to see gauges,watches etc. The water temperature was, to those of us who'd been diving in the Kent lakes over the past month, a very balmy 10 deg C, so we were surprised at the lack of aquatic life. Crabs and lobsters were(apparently) in abundance, but fish were scarce with only a few visible through portholes. We pretty much stayed on the top of the wreck and our computer recorded the dive time as about 32 minutes. It was a shame we didn't get to see more aquatic life and that the visability was not good enough to appreciate the full majesty of this ship, but all in all, we had a really enjoyable dive.
Unfortunately, one of our number had his finger hurt on the dive lift as we got out in water that had become more choppy during the dive so we elected not to do the second dive of the day, a drift dive over the Oceana. The Oceana is nearer to the coast and the visability would have been less than on the Alaunia so we were not too unhappy after we'd bagged our first dive.It might though, have been nice to have had a few of the scallops that the Nekton's crew managed to snaffle on their drift!
We were all well looked after by Mike Keane and look forward to joining him for more winter dives in the weeks ahead. We'd all also like to thank Jackie, the Training Officer of Nekton dive club. She made us very welcome, helped us with our kit, and cooks a really mean lemon cake. Thanks Jackie! If you'd like to join us on dives like these, e-mail our diving officer at or just e-mail



26th January 2012 - Crystal Palace Diving Pool

Several members enjoyed an hour or so in the Diving Pool at Crystal Palace Sports Arena. The pool is 4.9m deep and was ideal to use for testing personal buoyancy. Use of this facility was at the invitation of Bromley BSAC who use this pool once per month. Our thanks to them.


22nd January 2012 - Holborough Lake
8 Members joined this dive in Holborough Lake. The temperature was 5 degrees C and the average dive time was 30 minutes. Very good visability was enjoyed for these dives with Jo, Shanie, Neil, Richard and Dave S all completing a second dive.

14th January 2012 - Buckland Lake
5 members on this occassion, average dive time 35 minutes, and 2 dives completed by all. Visability was not so good, at approximately 2m. We all had a very good dive, exploring the many attractions of Buckland Lake. It was Dave Stacey's first visit and very much enjoyed it.


New Years Day 2012 - Holborough Lake 
6 Members braved the very miserable conditions  to participate in our Traditiional New Years Day Dive.
The average dive time was 40 minutes and the temperature 6 degrees C. We all enjoyed a pleasant dive at Holborough, which was surprisingly busy considering the weather. The visability remained good even though there were many divers in the water. An excellant start to hopefully a good years diving.

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