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11th November 2013 - 47th Annual General Meeting

The 47th Annual General Meeting of Croy-Tech took place at the Royal Russell School Pool. All the members, and their guests enjoyed a lively evening hearing all of the Officer's Reports about the running of the club over the past year. Sadly, Daniel Golberg our Chair for over 6 years decided for personal reasons to resign from his position on the Committee, the member's were upset by this, but all thanked him for his dedication and committment to the club over the years. Shirley paid a special tribute to his style of Chairmanship, and he was awarded a "Thank You" medal, and a rather special handcrafted "Litter Pick Weightbelt" for those lighter moments!"




The meeting proceeded to the Awards and Election of Officer's. Phill Norman joined the Committee as Chair, Patrick Venables as Training Officer and Gemma Epsley as Publicity Officer. The other positions remained the same.


Diver of the Year was presented by Nigel Jeffs (DO) to -      Dave Stacey


Member of the Year was presented by Shirley Painter (Secretary) to -   Nigel Jeffs


The Dave Thorpe Memorial Shield was presented by Daniel Golberg to  - Nigel Jeffs


The Aanual Gotcha Award was presented by Daniel Golberg to -  Dave Stacey


4th November 2013 -  Whale & Dolphin Conservation  - Talk by Jessica Wragg

Members and guests of Croy-Tech enjoyed a very informative talk given by Jessica Wragg of the Whale & Dolphin Conservation . After a brief video, Jessica answered several questions regarding Whale and Dolphin watching. There was plenty of literature to read and take away
. Follow the link to find out more on the subject.

A collection took place amongst the audience, and we were pleased to be able to send a donation of £50.




The Committee and All the Member's of Croy-Tech wish to Congratulate - Nigel Jeffs (Diving Officer) for today passing his BSAC OPEN WATER INSTRUCTOR COURSE
with 2 Merits.

This is a great achievement for Nigel and our club, and we truly appreciate his tremendous dedication and hard work which has paid off. Very well done!


24th September 2013 - Croydon College - Health Week
We spent the lunchtime period approaching the staff and students alike,explaining the sport of Scuba Diving. Leaflets were handed out to many interested youngsters, perhaps we will see some new faces for a Try Dive very soon.


18th September 2013 - Southampton Boat Show
A group of us enjoyed a day at the Southampton Boat Show, lots to see and information to gather. Before the journey home, we enjoyed a very nice meal in the Bar at Premier Marinas Swanwick.


8th September 2013 - Pentyrch
This dive was to a depth of 24 metres, duration of 39 minutes, visability only 0.5 metres, temp 17 degrees.

26th August 2013 -

1st Dive - Fortuna
A new dive to Croy-Tech, this Dutch steamship was carrying a cargo of cement when she ran into a mine on 22nd October 1916.The mine was believed to have been laid by the German submarine UC-60. The depth achieved on this dive was 28.8 metres, dive duration 30 minutes, viz. 1.5 metres, temp. 17 degrees.

2nd Dive - Steam Trawler
A favourite wreck with Croy-Tech, the depth was 23 metres, duration 42minutes, viz. 1.5 metres, temp 17 degrees.

28th July 2013 -The Stream Trawler

The weather conditions for this dive were less then ideal with the wind in a south westerly direction and force 3 to 4 occassionally 5. 
However the divers enjoyed 3-4 metre visability and were down at 24 metres for approximately 
40 minutes.This dive was Gemmas first from a Croy-Tech boat, and although feeling a little sick just before the dive, she did persevere, and was fine. As a bonus Gemma drove CT3 back to the Marina.


21st July 2013 - City of Brisbane and Loo Gate/Brighton Reef

Details to follow

14th July 2013 - Ramsgarth & Brighton West Pier

In truly glorious conditions, CT3 set off to find the wreck of the Ramsgarth, off the coast of Littlehampton, approx. 12 miles from the Marina.
Croy-Tech had not dived this wreck previously so it was a whole new adventure. Although the viz was good and conditions perfect the divers were not overly excited about this site. They believe they may have not dived the best area of the wreck. They may return later.

For the second dive, they had hoped to do the Ammunition Barge just outside of the Marina, in the event, they decided to dive under the derelict West Pier.



29th June to 6th July 2013 - Challaborough Bay, South Devon


The expedition to South Devon with our new boat Croy-Tech 3 was a major success in several ways. Handling in varied sea conditions, diving and general performance all proved a great experience.

Croy-Tech 3 was hoisted out of her berth at Brighton Marina on Saturday 29th June, and after packing the truck with all the kit, we set off for Devon. The journey took several hours but went without problems. Nigel (DO) who was towing said everything was fine and the trailer performed well. Two of us travelled immediately behind for most of the way, as back-up.

Overnight, the boat was kept at our accommodation, a house we rented in Bigbury on Sea. On Sunday morning we had planned for Tai Dive to launch CT3 from Challaborough Bay, 10am was the scheduled launch time. The weather was fine, clear and bright, the sea state was moderate, wind speeds 11-16 knots.

This was the first time that diving activities were to be performed from CT3 and the group of 4 divers were very excited. The choice of dive site selected was not too adventurous, mainly due to conditions and inexperience of the handling of the new boat in such conditions.



The DO soon decided that it would be better to park the boat in the Parkview Holiday Car Park for the rest of the week, as the beach and slipway could only be accessed via a very tight and sloping lane through Ringmore down to Challaborough Bay, so on return from diving on Sunday, we booked Tai for the whole week, to launch and recover CT3 each day. Tai also filled the cylinders each evening.
We had devised a plan and it went like clockwork

These few days were seen to be very much sea trials and for the divers to become fully familiar with the handling of this boat and the very complex  electronics on board. She came through it with flying colours!

The divers had only praise for this splendid piece of kit, and can hardly wait to be out on her again very soon.

Amongst the dive sites visited during the week were :- The Persier, The Scylla, James Egan Laine, Eddistone.

The photographs were taken by Dave Stacey, Nigel Jeffs with a few surface pictures taken by Shirley Painter.


2nd June 2013 to 5th June 2013 – Farne Islands, Northumberland

Our traditional annual trip north to the Farne Islands, Northumberland took place in early June. Thankfully we were very lucky with the weather, near perfect infact.
Although the sea temperatures ranged between 8 to 10 degrees, the diving with Sovereign Diving, Seahouses was as ever excellent and all enjoyed the 4 days diving.
A table below shows the details of the dives recorded.
The underwater photographs were taken by Dave Stacey & surface pictures by Shirley Painter

2nd June

Dive 1  The Wams
Sea Temp 9-10, Viz 3-4 Metres, Depths 14-18 Metres,  Dive Times 39-54 minutes

Dive 2  North Knifestone
Sea Temp 9 , Viz 2-4 Metres, Depths 8.5-19.5 Metres,  Dive Times 41-44 Mins.

3rd June

Dive 1 The Hopper
Sea Temp 8-9, Viz 4 Metres, Depths 20-23.4 Metres, Dive Times 38-49 Mins.

Dive 2 Blue Caps
Sea Temp 9, Viz 3-4 Metres, Depths 12.5-25 Metres, Dive Times 41-48 Mins.

4th June

Dive 1 St Andre
Sea Temp 8-11, Viz 4 Metres, Depths 23-25 Metres, Dive Times 37-51 Mins.

Dive 2 Big Harker
Sea Temp 8, Viz 3-4 Metres, Depths 14-14.5 Metres, Dive Times 28-43 Mins.

5th June

Dive 1 The Coryton
Sea Temp 9.9, Viz 4 Metres, Depths 10-11 Metres, Dive Times 50-54 Mins.

Dive 2 St Andre
Sea Temp 9, Viz 3-4 Metres, Depths 25-26 Metres, Dive Times 38-45 Mins.


1st April 2013 - Easter Monday Dive
Easter Monday saw four Croy-Tech members at Holborough Lake for a pre season dive. It was cold, very cold. Not even the Easter Egg hunt laid on ("laid on" a joke, get it?) by Nemes Diving could raise the temperature above a chilly 5 degrees.
One of the four intrepid Croy-Tech divers showed some sense and decided to supervise the diving operations from the shore with a nice cup of Nemes Diving coffee in his hand.
Despite the cold , the value of the pre season "shake out" dive was demonstrated in highlighting a few issues to do with kit and technique to sort out including: slipping weightbelt, the difficulty in operating controls and fastenings with thick gloves and cold hands, the discipline needed to, keep in touch with your buddy in poor visability and how tiring a surface swim can be at the end of a dive - even a short one.
Roll On Summer!
18th & 25th March 2013 Try Dives At Royal Russell School Pool
Several members of the Green Party enjoyed Try Dives during these two periods. Our aim is to encourage participants of all ages and from all walks of life, by inviting them to try out this enjoyable sport. Why don't you come for a Try Dive soon?



25th February 2013            Try Dives At Royal Russell School Pool

Julia & Jennifer (Mother and Daughter)  enjoyed an evening with us on Monday 25th February both trying the sport of Scuba Diving for the first time. They took to the water like ducks very natural. Both said they found it a great experience and couldn't wait to tell their friends and colleagues. Club member Dave Stacey took some exellent photographs, see below.


26th January 2013            Coombe Lodge - Seasonal Meal 

A very enjoyable evening was had by all those who attended this event. The usual Raffle raised much needed funds for the electronic equipment required for our new boat      "Croy-Tech 3".
Some ex- members and old friends also turned up.


1st January 2013                 Leybourne Lake -Traditional New Years Day Dive 

4 Brave souls took part in the Traditional New Years Day Dive. This year we returned to Leybourne Lake (Nature Reserve). The weather was dry, bright and sunny. The water temperature was 7 degrees quite warm really. All 4 had approximately 40 minutes at depths of between 8 and 10 metres. Daniel lost his Santa Claus hat, so if you find it, please return it to the Chair at Croy-Tech. See photographs below.


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