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BSAC's youngest ever "Sport Diver" - Charlotte Burns, is a true inspiration to others interested in the sport of Scuba Diving.
Charlotte is only 13 years of age but she has achieved so much in her diving exploits so far: At the tender age of 10, she started with the PADI organisation and rapidly accumulated a very impressive chain of 21 qualifications, up to PADI Jnr Master Scuba Diver. (This is continuing).

Only 3 days after her 12th birthday, whilst on holiday in Cyprus, she took a crossover examination and qualified as BSAC's youngest ever Sport Diver. Her insatiable appetite and natural ability for this sport is both a joy and refreshing to all who meet her.

Recently at the London International Dive Show (LIDS 2014) Charlotte spent the whole weekend talking to youngsters about the sport and generally encouraging their sense of adventure, suggesting they take up the sport . Diving desperately needs more young people.

Charlotte has raised money for the Deptherapy charity by conducting a dive in the Shark Tank at the Blue Planet Aquarium, raising over £400, this shows her commitment to helping others.

To help inspire some of our older member's, newcomers and cadet Try Divers alike, we recently asked her to give a 40 minute presentation to our club.Charlotte conducted the session with the utmost confidence and professionalism.The content was interesting, varied and extremely enjoyable.

Charlotte loves nature, and in order to expand her knowledge and help sea life, completed her Marine Mammal Medic training with the BDMLR. It is clear from press coverage that she gets,  that she is inspiring not only journalists but others and has a very positive effect on young divers and those considering entering the sport.

Charlotte's latest ambition is to be the youngest person ever to dive the Silfra Crack in Iceland, we wish her well.
To read more, just Google search "Charlotte Burns Diver"

She is truly and INSPIRATION




Last updated 1 February 2018