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2014 Dive Season

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2014 Dive Season Events

13th December 2014 - Croy-Tech 3 removed from Marina
CT3 was hoisted out of her berth at Brighton Marina for the annual maintenance and anti-fouling. We hope to do the necessary work and return her ready for the 2015 very soon.

30th November 2014 - Pentyrch
The last rib dive of the season took place, 5 divers enjoyed a reasonable dive, the conditions were ideal, the sea was flat calm, temp. 14c, the visability 2 metres. The weather was cold, with a slight breeze, air temp 7c. The dives lasted between 30 & 44 minutes with depths averaging 19 metres.

17th November 2014 - 48th Annual General Meeting Croy-Tech BSAC 187

The 48th Annual General Meeting of Croy-Tech BSAC 187 took place on Monday 17th November. The evening was well attended, although sickness did take it's toll!
After the Chair opened the meeting, the individual Committee Reports were given. These gave a full account of the club activities over the past year, and what is to come in 2015.
Following the Interval and customary Raffle, the existing Committee were nominated to stand for a further 12 months in their current positions.
This bought us to the Award presentations for 2013/2014
Phill Norman (Chair) presented the Dave Thorpe Memorial Shield to Alex Kennedy for his progression through the training to acquire his Ocean Diver qualification.
Nigel Jeffs (Diving Officer) presented the Diver of the Year award to Dave Stacey for obtaining the highest number of club dives during 2013/2014 (this was the second time running he had achieved this, his nearest rival was only 3 dives behind)
Shirley Painter (Secretary) presented the Member of the Year award to Ray Painter who was voted for by the member's, gaining 63.4% of the vote, and being described by one as "a diamond". This is the 4th time he has won this award.
Clive Stephens - Welfare Officer, presented the Gotcha award to Alex Kennedy for making a non dangerous diving related mishap. Amongest other things, forgetting to take an essential piece of diving equipment on a club holiday. (Mask).
In all the meeting was an enjoyable sucess.


28th September 2014 - Pentyrch 
Once more of this ever popular wreck, 5 divers this week. Unfortunately the visability was not great, only 2 metres. Maximum depth 24.8 metres and dive time 41 minutes.
21st September 2014 - Pentyrch
4 Divers had good dives on the wreck of the Pentyrch, the maximum depths recorded were 24 metres, and dive times of between 21 & 31 minutes. Visability was exceptional approximately 6 to 8 metres.
7th September 2014 - Pentyrch & Brighton Reef
Near perfect conditions, sea state - smooth, quite rare in recent weeks. 4 divers and a non diving boatman enjoyed a full day out of Brighton on CT3,. The first dive took place on the Pentyrch, to a depth of 23 metres. Sea temp. was 19 degrees and viz 2 -3 metres.
The second dive was on Brighton Reef 11 to 12 metres, viz very good,

31st August 2014 - City of Waterford
CT 3
was out once more this Sunday, again on the wreck.of the Waterford. Visability was very poor.

24th August 2014 - City of Waterford  & Brighton Reef
A group of 4 members dived this popular wreck, they enjoyed approximately 40 minutes at a depth of 30 metres. The water temperature was 18 degrees and the viz was 2-3 metres. 
The second dive of the day was on Brighton Reef, the dive varied but was approximately 20 minutes, the depth 17 metres, viz 1 metre, not so good!

26th July 2014 - Annual BBQ
This popular annual social event took place at Ashleys, and was relaxed and enjoyable. It was well attended although many members were on holiday and sadly missed it. The weather was very kind to us, it was a warm balmy evening. The traditional Raffle took place and raised well over £100 for club funds.


6th July 2014 - City of Waterford

A small group of club members enjoyed a good dive on this famous wreck near Newhaven.

The weather was fair and the sea state slight, wind about 2 to 3 occasionally 4 to 5 . Dive depths ranged between 29 to 31 metres, visability 2 to 3 metres. Water temperature 15 degrees.


Farne Islands Dive Holiday - June 2014
The weather was set fair for this annual pilgrimage to the popular and beautiful Farne Islands, just off the Northumberland coast. Although the tides were not ideal, just coming off very high spring tides, the diving was enjoyed by all.
The weather was generally good, but northerly winds of varying speeds created quite a swell. These conditions made it impossible to dive some of our favourite sites. However, this was more than compensated with the exceptional playfulness of the seals, chewing fins and headbutting SMB's ! Their interaction with the divers this year seemed almost human.
The visability was between 7 and 8 metres on most days, only decreasing to about 4 metres occasionally.
The bird population on and around the islands seemed greater than in previous years, great photographic opportunities, above and below the surface.
I feel sure this event will be repeated in future.


10th May 2014 - CT3 
CT3 was collected from Aquatec, Lancing, and taken by Peter to Brighton Marina Boat Yard, where she was booked in for a mid-morning hoist into the water. The weather was not great, with the wind blowing 6 to 7, and much stronger "gusts" expected. At one point the Marina thought they may have to postpone the hoist, and call off our appointment. Fortunately, there was a window of opportunity and she was gently lowered into the water. She was then berthed at her usual spot.


7th May 2014 - CT3 
Following some winter maintenance, CT3 was taken to Aquatec, Lancing for her Engine Service, all was fine.

28th April 2014 - Air Cadet Try Dives
We hosted a Try Dive event for a group of Air Cadets from nearby Kenley. 5 Cadets took part, and their Instructor Peter also joined in the session. It was a successful evening, and all participants enjoyed their Sub-Aqua experience. Peter was hopeful that other Cadets would book Try Dives in the near future.


8th & 9th March 2014 Vobster Quay Weekend

Several member's of the club enjoyed a very good weekend at this popular inland venue. The weather was very good to us, dry, sunny and even warm. Several dives and training exercises took place, and we expect to return in the future.


2nd March 2014 - Recovery of CT3 from Marina
Although the weather conditions were far from favourable, CT3 had to be removed from her berth at the Marina for us to conduct winter maintenance and prepare her for the coming season.
Nigel & Ray drove her around to the slipway in Shoreham, where she was winched aboard the trailer. Following the necessary engine service, it was hoped she would be back in the Marina very soon.

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17th February 2014 -  Combined Cadet Forces - Rutlish School Try Dives

A group of 6 Cadets from the Combined Cadet Forces based at Rutlish School, Morden,  attended a Try Dive Session at our pool. This is the second occassion that we have hosted a group from Rutlish School, and the evening was a great sucess, and very enjoyable.


25th January 2014 - Club Seasonal Meal
A large group of member's and their relatives got together to enjoy a social evening at The Coombe Lodge. Everyone enjoyed the evening and participated in the traditional Raffle. There was a guest Raffle Number Picker - Amy, who was assisted by her sister Charlotte, (a new member of Croy-Tech) and we thank them.We raised the sum of £135 from the Raffle, there was also a donation.
Thank You to everyone involved.


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